Tuesday, January 3, 2012

CM7 Alpha3.5 is released!!!

Original posted by dalingren@RootzWiki

If you haven't installed CM7 before, please follow the instructions to directly install Alpha3.5:
1) Always backup your important data and files first; Make sure Novacom driver installed on your computer;
2) Download the Archive fileUPDATED to Alpha3.5), and extract the Android folder to C: \  root;
3) Connect TP to your computer as USB drive, and create "cminstall" folder under USB root; 
4) Copy all 3 zip files to the "cminstall"  folder, disconnect your TP from computer;
5) Reboot your TP to flash mode (Power & Volume up);
6) On your PC, click "Start"-->"Run"--> input "CMD",  input the following command lines:
cd C:\Android
novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller

7) Done!  Just wait to finish installaion and reboot to Android!

8) Follow the instructions here if you need Google Apps & Android Market.

If you have installed previous version, please follow the instructions to update to Alpha3.5:
Step 1: Download the file and extract the zip file update-cm-7.1.0-tenderloin-a3.5-fullofbugs.zip
Step 2: Toss that zip file onto your Touchpad (just put it into USB mode and toss it on the device).
Step 3: Reboot the Touchpad into clockwork management.
Step 4: Perform a backup of your current device (there's a backup/restore button, make a backup - it'll only take a few minutes and it'll allow you to return the device to the way it was if you for some odd reason prefer to).
Step 5: Perform a factory wipe (the option is there in clockworkmod). WARNING - this will effectively wipe all your apps etc that you have installed and you will be forced to reinstall everything.
Step 6: Choose the install from zip option, and install the update-cm-7.1.0-tenderloin-a3.5-fullofbugs.zip file.
Step 7: Reboot into android and enjoy!!!

Change Log:
* Video playback improvements
* UI Composition improvements(nothing major)
* 3D speed improvements in some circumstances
* 3D game compatibility improvements(Shadowrun tested, but other games may work better as well)
* Some changes to wpa_supplicant, remains to be seen whether it makes any difference

* Last prominent form of "sleep of death" fixed
* Webkit backing store(smoother scrolling)
* Minor improvements to 2D/3D performance in some apps
* Bluetooth DPad/arrows do not rotate with screen
* Battery stats now available to Android
* Serial# now populated
* Shorter hostname as a result of serial#
* General wifi fixes
* Preliminary Touchpad 4G support(no radio)
* Status bar should take less resources after an app goes full screen
* Possible fix for A2DP and wifi interference
* Possible fix for SD card not mounting
* Camera FPS improved but still nearly nonfunctional


  1. I installed the latest team xron mod beta 1.3, will I have to reinstall that if I update to 3.5?

  2. @BMballer911: If you like Xron ROM, just flash the latest version Beta2.0 which is based on Alpha 3.5

  3. thx a lot, but how can i install an apk - i am searching like hell, but cannot find it